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Olive oil variety

Olive oil variety

The Koroneiki variety (Olea Europea var. Microcarpa alba) appeared and was cultivated for the first time in Messinia, from where it took its name. It is a traditional variety of Greece and is considered the queen of Greek varieties.

It is cultivated in other parts of Greece, however the way of cultivation results in a radical difference in density, texture and aroma of olive oil. This particular variety of olive oil is a special reason for the subsoil of the region, the climatic conditions as well as the special cultivation method applied in Messinia..

The main taste characteristics of the Koroneiki variety are the extremely low acidity of its taste, the deep and bright green color and of course the bittersweet fruity taste. This variety is small-fruited without special soil-climatic requirements resistant to drought and winds and adapts well to dry-thermal conditions and poor soils. As a tree, it is characterized by two important advantages which are its fast growth and its high and stable fruiting. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the small size of its fruit is overcome by the fact that its oil with its green-yellow color is of vintage quality..

Emphasizing the quality and not the quantity, we have the green-olive color, the special taste, the aroma and the rich dense texture of our oil, characteristics which constitute the identity of our product and make it stand out.

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